Information från SMHK om FCI:s rekommendationer avseende coronaviruset.

I ett mejl skriver SMHK följande:

Om er klubb har bjudit in domare att döma på utställning, prov, tävling eller beskrivning som bor i områden med ökad smittspridning uppmanas ni att ha en dialog med domaren ifråga och följa utvecklingen kontinuerligt och utifrån det fatta beslut om domaruppdraget ska genomföras.

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The FCI General Committee is aware of the Corona Virus outbreak which is causing serious consequences in our daily lives and serious damage worldwide.

We advise everyone who takes part in the FCI events to frequently wash their hands with disinfectant, preferably provided by the organising committees.

The usual interpersonal body contacts such as shaking hands, and any other superficial contact between competitors, exhibitors and judges, must be avoided and should not be taken as unfriendly attitude. The FCI also recommends that judges should not check the teeth of the dogs by themselves, but instead ask exhibitors for their help. The FCI also advises judges to disinfect their hands more frequently.

The FCI does not plan any general action related to the Coronavirus because the handling of the given situation ???????? ??????? ?? ??? ???????????. Nevertheless, the FCI wishes to draw attention to the fact that the local authorities have the right and responsibility to implement local regulations related to public events, whenever needed.

To avoid any inconvenient situation, the FCI recommends to check the updated respective news sources, follow government advice regarding travel and the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO)

On behalf of the FCI General Committee
Dr T.Jakkel
FCI President

Här finns information från WHO om viruset